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Peekaboo / Transcriptions

Experimental Cellist & Composer

Peekaboo under the appellation transcriptions (they/them) is an experimental cellist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and youth educator situated on Ramaytush Ohlone land (SF). Their compositions are rooted in honoring the essence and spirit of Filipinx/Latinx past, present and future Queer ancestors, prioritizing sonic exploration practices towards the decolonization of Euro-centric structures embedded in youth and adult music education and performance. Their “expressions'' dive into the world of drag, theater and improvisational movement while continuously researching and performing within Bay Area institutions such as ABD Skywatchers, Counterpulse, (formerly) the STUD, Aunt Charlie’s Lounge, Joe Goode Annex, Brava Theater and more. Always looking to implement fresh ideas surrounding the visions of DECOLONIZING THE CELLO, transcriptions collaborates with Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, Two Spirit and Persons’ of Color and is motivated in collectively creating sustainable, somatic practices for the future rooted in diversity, inclusivity and equity.

Job Title

3rd Generation

Bay Area, CA, USA

AIR Fellow

Peekaboo / Transcriptions

Photo by Gary Sexton

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