Profile: Queen Crescent - to perform at Chinatown Music Festival 2014

Queen Crescent will perform at the Chinatown Music Festival Saturday August 16 in Portsmouth Square. Click here for details...

Please read the band bio!

"Queen Crescent is a heavy psychedelic rock band from the San Francisco/Oakland, CA.  We are composed of Andrea Genevieve (guitar, vocals), Amy Martinez (drums, percussion), Eni Loicy Pela (bass, vocals), and Melissa Vu (flute, vocals).  We started this band with a question:  what would it be like to put four women of color musicians obsessed with 60s-70s era heavy rock n roll in a room and have them start a band?  The answer:  Killer riffs and paradigm shifts. 

Although we draw greatly from heavy rock acts of the past such as Los Dug Dugs, Flower Travellin Band, Ngozi Family, Nahuatl, and Black Sabbath (among so many others), the music we create is not merely an imitation of things that came before.  With total disregard to Western concepts of linear time, we have positioned ourselves as the mistresses of our own realities.  Time has no meaning.  Rock n roll is eternal.  We make music how we want to hear it and we speak our truths without hesitation."

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