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Hien Huynh


I was born in fishing village, Nam O, located on the bay of Da Nang, Vietnam.

My parents softened me the name of Hien Huynh. Hien translates in Vietnamese to ‘sweet or gentle’.

Growing up I found a fondness, a familiarity, and curiosity in movement. From climbing and exploring pathways to traverse built and found environments, I grew to appreciate the senses of intuition and respect for spaces. Acknowledging that there is inherit rhythm and energies that coexist and if we can honor and align with, we can further amplify the interconnectedness with our environment and the beings all around.

After an awakening experience of learning of my parent’s perilous journey, and reunion post Vietnam War, I enveloped in movement and inward listening to process their hardship. This defining moment opened my heart, fueled, and immensely shaped my performance and work intentions.

Upon acquiring double majors in dance and communication at UC DAVIS, I embarked to San Francisco CA, and began my professional career in 2016. Since 2016 I have performed, collaborated, and contributed in over 30 recognized works for 15 different dance companies/choreographers that accumulated in over 200 performances for over 10,000 audience members within the Bay Area, Sacramento, Davis, Pittsburgh, and New York.

I work alongside Kinetech Arts, a performance company that researches the use of various technology and intersects it with the human condition & Lenora Lee Dance  which creates multidisciplinary works focused on issues related to immigration, global conflict, and its impacts, particularly on women and families.

As a developing artist based in San Francisco, I am finding my voice and truths as a mover, performer, and choreographer. Engaging in process with family history has deepened my understanding of inherited trauma, embodiment of heritage, ancestry, and access to awaken lost history. I have witnessed and experienced the profound effect of how among differences, barriers, and perspectives we can come together in grief and healing. There is an immense energetic capacity of performance to heal, connect, share, cry, dance, and feel with the gathered. Driven by this, I feel here my passion and purpose - to continue to find ways through dance, movement, and storytelling to connect, heal, witness, and circulate compassion among all beings.

Job Title

3rd Generation

San Francisco, CA, USA

AIR Artist

Hien Huynh

Photo by Robbie Sweeny

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