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Scott Oshiro

Flutist, Electronic Musician

Scott is a Bay Area based flutist, electronic musician, music researcher and music technologist. As an African and Okinawan American, Scott’s creative and academic work incorporates musical elements from his heritage and combines them with Jazz, Hip Hop and Electronic music. He is currently a 5th year PhD student at the Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University where he researches the intersection of quantum computing, music and culture. He has received awards for his work on quantum audio signal processing algorithms with higher order states, and has been published in “Quantum Computer Music: Foundations, Methods and Advanced Concepts” (edited by Dr. Eduardo Miranda) for his work on quantum beat generation. Currently, Scott is developing a real-time quantum computer music improvisation generation system that will be used in composing music for an album (featuring Asian Improv Arts musicians along with other BIPOC artists from the Bay Area) illustrating the connections between music and science.

Job Title

3rd Generation

Bay Area, CA, USA

AIR Fellow

Scott Oshiro

Photo by Titania Perez Osuna

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