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Vida Kuang


Vida Kuang is an artist based in unceded ancestral land of Ramaytush Ohlone peoples, San Francisco. She was raised by a Toisan matriarch and the streets of Chinatown. As a visual storyteller, her work centers on healing as experienced by Asian womxn, intergenerational joy, and experiences of poor/working class peoples. Her art practice is inspired by movements led by women of color for racial, gender, and economic justice. Vida’s work addresses the complexities and intersections of survival, healing, and memory. She uses audio, illustration, and mixed media as tools for storytelling. Vida believes storytelling is one of the most fundamental ways to decolonize hearts and minds for collective liberation.

Job Title

3rd Generation

Bay Area, CA, USA

AIR Fellow

Vida Kuang

Photo courtesy of the artist

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